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A History of Duret Skis
SINCE 1925
Factory DURET in 1929
The company Duret is one of the oldest manufacturers of skis. Specialising in the fabrication of products made of wood for the local industry, Duret had begun to manufacture skis in the 1920s. At first a common plank of wood with a nailed up belt was made but the development of Duret skis very quickly became more complex. The technical advances were underlined by the development of company as follows:
1930: celluloid used on the skis to help shape the angles

1935: steel used for the first time to shape the angles

1946: the first hickory skis that became laminated

1950: Arrival of polyurethane bases and hidden angles. At this time Duret became the subcontractor of Henri Oreiller, Olympic champion and made skis for him

1969 : First polyurethane injected skis, and beginning the production of touring skis and skis for children

1973 : Development of the famous Grand Raid skis with Walter Cecchinel and the  subcontracting of the first Lacroix skis
1979 : Initiation of monoskis, a production of Pierre Poncet. During the 80s Duret manufactured up to 80% of all monoskis on the global market. Duret are committed to the continuation and manufacture of monoskis as part of the history of the company but also because of their belief in it as a snow sport.

1982 : Arrival of the first snowboards, Duret produced new ones and became subcontractor for production of numerous commercial brands.

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1993 : Monoskis lost their popularity and Duret continued to manufacture just two models for fans: Free and Best Off.

2001-2004: The novelty of snowboarding was showing signs of having peaked and this prompted development of a completely new product range of monoskis. New generation of monoskis for carving, freeride, piste and speed were introduced. It also mean the introduction of freestyle monoskis for half-pipes and snow parks to compete with the snowboarders. website begun direct selling via internet for the first time.

2005-2006: New ramge of skis, monoskis and snowboards, as always with wood core.

Development of Tricks Blacksmith monoski with 6 coats of carbon, ultra light and conforming.
New Mountain ski and monoski range introduced that were immediately popular due to it's quality and versatility.
The Monstre Fat monoski is introduced, the widest monoski in the world designed specifically for deep powder.
2008-2009 : Birth of the Monstre Powder 191, 120cm wide. It was particularly popular when trialled in Hemsdal, Norway where monoskiers loved it's capability in the powder.

2009: To celebrate 30 years monoskis at Duret, they created a limited edition range: Aniversario Pierre Poncet. Only 30 were made.

2014: Monoskis are re-born in the UK with acting as an outlet for Duret in the UK and hoping to promote this fantastic sport to British skiers and snowboarders once again.

1983 :Jean-Philippe THEVENOD joins the company and is still the Managing Director today.

1987 :Initiation of a WORLD CUP series of monoskis, skis and snowboards that made history in their respective disciplines due to the specific design.
Creation of a longer and more waisted ski in co-operation with Patrice Kopp. Although nobody believed in it at first, this was the first of the Carving (parabolic) skis that we all know today.

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