This is a monoski designed for younger skiers from around 9 to 15 years. It is set up to be equally effective on the piste, in powder or even for stunts and tricks. Its radius of only 9m means that younger skiers will be able to carve turns with ease while having strong support beneath.
When you select to buy a monoski below you'll be asked to complete relevant information about your boots, your weight, age, gender etc. to make sure we get everything right when sending your ski.
If we don't believe that you have selected the correct monoski or there is any information we are unsure about we will check with you before sending your ski.

You are also able to select an option for us to contact you if you are unsure of anything.
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Monoski Custom
The Monoski Custom allows you to take any of the Snowgunz monoski range and personalise with your own image on the ski.
The image needs to be in JPG format at a size of 180cm x 30cm at a resolution of 300dpi with CMYN colour. It will enable you to show off your creative talents on the piste and draw curiosity from others, not only from the monoski but also due to your individual brand.
Sizes - as above models
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Easy Ski
Easy Ski 149cm
Monoski only
Monoski with Look NX9 bindings
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Monoski only
Monoski with Look NX11 bindings
Monoski with Look SPX12 bindings
Easy Ski 169cm
This is the natural progression from the Easy Ski 149 and is for teenagers, some ladies and shorter adults who want an easy to manage monoski. With a radius of only 11m this is one of the easiest skis to learn on and if you have never monoskied before and are nervous about trying it this is the ideal one to try. Its setup means it is suited to most conditions but is light and easy to turn.