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Why should I bother?
You may have noticed but snow sports, whether it is skiing, snowboarding or monoskiing attracts people who like to like good, however the choose to get down the mountain. The advantage of monoskiing is that unless you fall over you can't real fail to look good because you aren't skiing with your legs 3 feet apart snowploughing across the slope. In addition, the position of your feet and the fact that you have ski poles means that you are far less likely to simply fall over when learning than on a snowboard. Quite simply you will look much cooler much quicker on a monoski. The video on our home page and others in our gallery should convince you of this. Oh and it's also fantastic fun!
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Where did it come from?
The first monoskis were made back in the 1970s and it became quite popular in the 1980s and early 1990s, especially in the French alps with several thousand enthusiasts.

However, the range of monoskis available was limited and the technology not yet able to provide a great experience for many.
Snowboarding became the alternative to skiing due to the novelty factor and monoskiing declined.

There are clear signs now that snowboarding has peaked and is actually on the decline. Monoskiing technology has come a long way and is now accessible to a whole range of skiers and snowboarders looking for something different.
Is it difficult?
To be able to monoski couloirs and do somersaults - yes. However, to do this on a snowboard or on skis is also pretty tricky.
To reach a good competent level, it is actually far quicker than either skis or snowboards. One of the reasons for this is that you have 2 feet working together to undertake one action.
With skis you have to make sure that both your feet work together but essentially have different roles to perform on every turn. If you get it wrong  then you cross your skis and can easily fall.

In addition, unlike a snowboard you have your feet pointing forwards so your weight (even when leaning forward) cannot make you go head over heels as with a snowboard. In monoskiing if you fall, you tend to fall up the hill because you have judged the turn wrong. Falling uphill is less dramatic and a lot less painful.
How easy is it to get injured?
As with any way of getting down a mountain on slippery white stuff there is no guarantee that you won't injure yourself. However, the biggest danger is when one of your feet comes out of the bindings and the other doesn't, as with skiing.

However, with monoskiing you can guard against this by using the monostrap that ensures that your knees will remain together rather than being twisted by a binding. This strap is easily undone manually in lift queues if required but is an important safety feature and makes the chance of serious knee injuries extremely unlikely.

Even experienced monoskiers recommend using the strap.

Who does it now?
The popularity of monoskiing is increasing all over the world but it will likely remain as a niche form of snowsports compared with skiing and snowboarding. That suits us just fine and whilst we want to spread the word of monoskiing and increase its popularity, the monoskiing community is something to savour. You only have to attend the annual Mondial de Monoski to get a feel for the enthusiasm amongst us.
Mondial de Monoski 2013
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